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Imax-RC B8 Pro Balance Charger


Item #: MR145

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This is a fantastic charger for the price. It will do almost anything that chargers costing 2x-4x more will do. 

*Optimized user interface
*High- power and high-performance circuit
*Individual voltage balance for Lithium batteries inside
*Balance individual cell on discharge
*Suitable for various types of Lithium batteries
*Lithium battery “Fast” and “Storage” mode
*Maximum safety
*Data Store/Load
*Cyclic charging/discharging
*PC based analysis using USB communication
*Built-in fan and higher heat sink performance lead to super cool effect
*Soft touch button
*Multi-use wires

B8 PRO Specification:
*Input voltage: DC 11V-18V
*Charge current: 0.1-7A, 0.1A step
*Discharge current: 0.1-5A, 0.1A step
*Nicd/NiMH Cells: 1-27Cell
*Li-Ion/Li-Po/Li-Fe Cells: 1-8Cell
*Lead-acid (Pb):2-36V
*Temperature sensor & USB enable
*Balance: 2-8Cell
*Case:  Aluminium
*Display: 16*2 character LCD

Sale Price : $75.00
Was : $79.00

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Imax-RC B8 Pro Balance Charger

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