WRP Custom 58 Carburetor By Willmann Racing Poducts - Carburetor

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WRP Custom 58 Carburetor

By : Willmann Racing Poducts

WRP Custom 58 Carburetor By Willmann Racing Poducts - Carburetor
Item #: WRP58

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NEW for 2008 Is WRP own Custom WYK-58 Bore carburetor. WRP re-design this carburetor to accept the linkages that normaly uses WYK 194 or any barrel Carburetor's.

WRP has tested this carb on G0-Quads and found that the performance is better then the WT603 carb and still accepts the normal leakage found on most 1/4 scale cars, HPI 1/5 scale cars. It also offers better performance then the butterfly ' is also easy to adjust the settings, and now we offer it to the public

WRP modifies the metering valves to accept the stock G2D manifolds. We also seal the drill points that come from the factory for leakage.

Walbro WYK-58 high-performance barrel carburetor. 15mm bore, 13.5mm venturi. Two independent adjustable jets (high and low). High jet adjustment is on side, low jet adjustment is on the top.

This kit includes Carburetor, re-design G2D Manifold and Carb. Gasket.

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This kit fits a variety of rc engines and used on WRP Carts and the New "EAGLE" motor.

NOTE: use of restrictor plates will affect performance of this Carburetor.

Price : $60.00

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WRP Custom 58 Carburetor

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