Powder Coated GN Frame By Willmann Racing Poducts - Powder Coating

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Powder Coated GN Frame

By : Willmann Racing Poducts

Powder Coated GN Frame By Willmann Racing Poducts - Powder Coating
Item #: WRP301

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All of our powdercoating is done in house. With over 300 colors to choose from like Solids, Candies, Flats, basic's, Metalics, Glittlers, Wrinkles, Chrome, Neon's and many more. .
Price includes Metal prep, IRON PHOSPHATE for rust, and Basic, Mirror Powders only.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR ORDERING: All frames must be sandblasted prior to powder coating. If frames need to be dip to remove old powder Coating and sandblasted then a $50.00 charge applied.

To order a powdercoated Frame, Email me or call to discuss color.
www.powderbythepound.com and research any colors you will like to order.

We can coat any product that can withstand 400 Degrees Fahrenheit. Car / Truck Parts (Pulleys, Alt Housings, Intakes, etc), Motorcycle Parts, ATV parts & 1/4 scale Grand Nationals, Sprint Car Frames, and much more...

What is powdercoating? Powdercoating is a process in which finely ground particles of resin and color are electrostatically charged and sprayed on to a grounded piece of metal. The electric charge causes the particles to cling to the metal surface. Once the part is covered it is then baked in an oven which melts the particles and causes them to encase the part. The finished product is then ready to use as soon as the part cools.
Items that are powder coated simply last longer. Products with a coated finish are far more resistant to scratching, chipping, fading, rusting and wearing than other finishes. Color choices are virtually unlimited, with high and low gloss, clear and metallic, as well as textured finishes. Finishes can range from smooth to wrinkled, matted finishes, or rough textures which hide surface imperfections

Price : $50.00

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Powder Coated GN Frame

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