G260RC Engine w/Full ESP Porting 4+ HP By Earth Surfer Products (ESP) - Engines

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G260RC Engine w/Full ESP Porting 4+ HP

By : Earth Surfer Products (ESP)

G260RC Engine w/Full ESP Porting 4+ HP By Earth Surfer Products (ESP) - Engines
Item #: BB18X

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Note: due to heavy demand, this ESP engine has a lead time of approx 5 days.

WRP and Earth Surfer Products have teamed up to provide you with a top-quality fully ported G260RC engine. This is not just a a "quick and dirty" 20 minute milling machine port job. ESP ported engines are proven to be fast and reliable. They are fully hand ported from top to bottom by Earth Surfer Products (maker of the ProFlow Manifold). Your engine will have much more power in all RPMs (even the dead spot that most piped RC engines have before the power hits) and will still REV higher than stock. Earth Surfer products completely tears down the engine and spends hours, cutting in great detail, the porting that will have you grinning from ear to ear. Detail like this is almost impossible to do on a milling machine - even a CNC milling machine. Typical performance gains are in excess of 1 full horsepower increase.

Here is a list of all the work E.S.P. does to the engine. Compare this to other offerings on the market and you will quickly see that WRP and E.S.P. put power in your trigger finger without putting a huge dent in your wallet.
1) Cylinder precision ported (exhaust, intake, and transfers).
2) Polished exhaust port (for smooth flow and low carbon build up) and superb rough finish on the intake, cases, and transfer tunnels for better gas/air mixing.
3) Resurfaced intake, exhaust, and spark plug gasket surface on cylinder to insure no leaks.
4) Perfectly matched cylinder transfer tunnels to cases and case gasket matched.
5) Case porting to insure better flow into the transfer tunnels.
6) Cylinder skirt work to aid flow into the transfer tunnels.
7) New gaskets and piston c-clips.
8) Easy to read carb tuning instructions to get the most reliable power from your engine.
9) E.S.P. logo etched into side of crankcase.

Sale Price : $385.00
Was : $399.00
Motor Package Black
Motor Package Chrome

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G260RC Engine w/Full ESP Porting 4+ HP

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