GBE Servo Pro Mount for HPI Baja 5b By GBE Products - Radio and Electronics

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GBE Servo Pro Mount for HPI Baja 5b

By : GBE Products

GBE Servo Pro Mount for HPI Baja 5b By GBE Products - Radio and Electronics
Item #: TT850

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GBE Servo Pro Mount for HPI Baja 5b.
Would you like to make your baja 5b steer better?At Gabe Brown Engineering we wanted to get the baja 5b to drive better and to do that we needed to address the steering servo. The oversized servo that comes stock on the baja is excellent for RTR use but we at Gabe Brown Engineering cannot leave the steering performance of the Baja 5b alone. We wanted to help the car keep the rear from coming around to the front during hard cornering. In order to catch the rear end we needed a better servo and we chose the JR 8711 brush less servo for the steering duty. With the Torque: 403 oz/in @ 6.0v and Speed: .15 sec/60 @ 6.0v this servo delivers very precise steering and the car is easier to drive. Featuring two ball bearings, digital circuitry, an unbreakable metal and nylon gear train. Red anodized heat sink. This is the premier servo in the JR line. If you like power, this is the servo for you.Keeping the stock geometry of the stock servo location and height, a new adapter plate was designed and fitted to the existing radio tray/servo mount so no modifications are needed to install the Pro Mount. To complete the bolt on component package a billet aluminum servo arm comes with the adapter plate. Using the stock mounting screws and the provided hardware that comes with the GBE Pro Mount, the installation is straight forward. There is no binding or any clearance issues to worry about. As with all of the GBE line of large scale R/C performance components the GBE Pro Mount and servo arm are CNC milled from 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum and polished to a brilliant shine.

Price : $50.00

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GBE Servo Pro Mount for HPI Baja 5b

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